Infinite Labor of the Cosmic Race, 2014, was part of the exhibition "A Feather in Each Hand" at Taller Boricua Gallery, NYC. The work is informed by the 'hidden worker' in our midst. Usually referred to as 'immigrant worker.' I want to change the language and thought usually associated with those people that unlock themselves from whatever social-political system and travel to a new setting for work. Allegory is used to examine labor from a timeless and continuous point of view, along with a sense of high achievement and accomplishment. Pribich-4_v2.jpg
Infinite Labor of the Cosmic Race, 2014

13' x 2' x 10' (l x w x h) installation wall with 2" brass tubing, wooden ladder, wheel hardware, human hair, brown paint Pribich-5.jpg
Infinite Labor of the Cosmic Race, 2014 Pribich-1.jpg
Snare, 2014

2" brass tubing, salt, steel chain, wooden beads Pribich-3.jpg
Endless Work, 2005

22 x 7 x 12", cotton gloves, steel labor, M.jpg
Endless Work, 2005 Bars-2.jpg
Gilded Brooms, 2010

brooms with 22k gold leaf, steel barrel, marble base