Blue Elegy

Elegy for planet earth

Elegy for Harlem

Elegy for the souls that hang out in Marcus Garvey Park

Blue Elegy is a sculpture installation comprised of mirror flags supported by 9 metal poles. The installation is on the west side of of Marcus Garvey Park facing Mount Morris Ascension Presbyterian Church. Vertical broom handles support the installation. The triangular mirror flags made from bent stainless steel have small bells attached. The mirrors symbolize the ongoing eternal present – the current moment of time, while also referring to the eternity of time.

Jackson Pollock’s haunting painting Blue Poles informs the color and composition choices. Blue Elegy is additionally influenced by Zoroastrian, Uighur and pre-islamic religious sites in Central Asia which mark a location and provide affirmation of spiritual and cultural beliefs. They have enormous presence and feeling. These sites are sometimes integrated into the community and are part of the every day living experience. Occasionally the shrines include mirrors and colored flags.

Blue Elegy is a subtle installation that brings attention not only to the site’s already present beauty, but also to the people living within this fluid cultural landscape. A seismic economic and social shift is occurring in Harlem that affects the living conditions for many. Marcus Garvey Park neighborhood is a microcosmic view of the various overlapping landscapes occurring in all Harlem neighborhoods. Blue Elegy reflects the social, political, and historic aspects of this setting in a quiet work that emits a hopeful energy going forward.

Text from Flux Art Fair. ELEGY 2016 M.jpg
Blue Elegy, 2016

Mirrored stainless steel, ghungroos bells, plastic broom handles, steel rods.
Marcus Garvey Park, Harlem, NY May 2016. 2.jpg ELEGY 2016 M 3.jpg ELEGY 2016 M 2.jpg