"Put me in Coach. I'm ready to play today. Look at me. I gotta be center field." *

These artworks employ athletic equipment and sports references to touch upon the psychology of personal space. Baseball bats, face guards and medicine balls have been taken out of context, augmented, and altered to create new meanings. The vastness of center field is a metaphor for the dangers and uncertainty of public and private space. The juxtapositions show the need and desire for protection from vulnerability. Athletic training can be a symbol of protection as physical and emotional attributes become "conditioned.”

Lyric by John Fogerty, "Centerfield" 1985
Button Bats, 2015

Wood, aluminum baseball bats, tar, colored buttons

Centerfield installation, Webb Gallery

John Fogerty lyric "Centerfield", 1985

Black and Gold, 2015

31 x10 x 11", Catchers mask, gold chain, hardware

Sentry Mask, 2015

28 x16 x9", Catchers Mask, steel chain, key-rings, hardware

Tender, 2015

27 x 8 x5", Engraved zinc plate with cutout, 90 degree bend, aluminum baseball bat, tar, buttons

Doctor, 2015

37 x 9 x 5", Metal guard with stethoscope

Center Fielders 2014 Opening Day

Graphite on paper, each sheet 48 x 36", 2015

American League 2014 Opening Day Center Fielders

48 x 36", Graphite on paper, 2015

National League 2014 Opening Day Centerfielders

48 x 36", Graphite on paper, 2015

Lacrosse Guard, 2015

18 x 10 x 6", Lacrosse guard with brass ball chain

Gold Star Guard, 2015

24 x 8 x 6", helmet guard with gold chain, hardware

Medicine Ladder,2015

55 x 16 x12", Bent steel, medicine balls