DOLLAR DAZE utilizes popular culture references to examine how working class-economics, immigration policy, and labor issues affect the human condition. The importance of dreams, and desire is emphasized in overcoming obstacles that make every day life seem insurmountable.

CERTIFICATES - Wall - floor installations Gilded frames with $US dollar bills create line with symbol and signs. The frame imagery is informed by the small business practice of displaying important documents like the business license, health certificate, or insurance record. Often installed near the cash register the frames sometimes include important signifiers such as the first income dollar, awards, recognitions, achievements and recommendations. Personal imagery like photographs from the home country are sometimes displayed. This information manifests the legitimacy of the enterprise, and exhibits the hope and desire for the business to be successful and flourish. This vernacular imagery from small business informs the “Certificate” installations which utilize cheap frames gilded with 22k gold leaf. The work recognizes the desire of small business people to create opportunity within a system which has an uncertain foundation and support from which to build a future. The idea also recognizes the “invisible worker” without which our economy could not function.
Salary, 2017

56 x 18 x 12", 50lb salt blocks, plastic cutting boards than equal to.jpg
Less Than Equal To, 2011

22x14", 22k gilded frames with $US Dollar Pribich 9-7-12 8844.jpg
Less Than Equal To, 2012

paper, graphite, 22k gold leaf Pribich 9-7-12 8795.jpg
Certificate, 2012

$US dollar bills, wood frames with 22k gold leaf Goals.jpg
Higher Goals, 2011

96 x 48"x6", $US Dollar bills inside 22k gilded frames, wood ladder, with silver milagros, steel bracket, steel wire Pribich 9-7-12 8829.jpg
Backbone, 2012

leather support belts, polished brass tubing, chain, Robert Frank "The Americas" photograph,
New York construction permit, $US Dollar bills of the Earth.jpg
Salt Of The Earth, 2011

72x36x12", $USD bills inside 22k gilded frames, 50lb salt blocks