A MEXICAN IN EVERY KITCHEN This body of work concerns Mexican kitchen workers - the Cocineros who staff nearly every restaurant in New York City. Kitchen exhaust hoods are part of the imagery used to explore this topic of immigrant labor. The Hood Drawings symbolize the hidden layers of struggle and success inherent in the complex lives of those individuals who travel, and cross border frontiers to find work. Beyond the United States trope of wide open vistas and unlimited potential this work shows America grounded in a hard reality. The hidden working class provides the essential backbone of this economy's labor needs. These art works show a link between America’s insatiable need for growth and prosperity supplied by a migrant labor force. During the great depression of the 1930's President Hoover's campaign slogan said that every American should have: "A chicken in every pot, and a car in every garage." America would not have it's Chicken in Every Pot without the hidden working class to provide it.
Medicine, 2018

29 x 17 x 14", used cooking pot, medicine ball, rolled steel shelf

What Can Brown Do For You?, 2017

22 x 6 x 30", plastic cutting board, human hair, stainless steel.

http://michaelpribich.com/files/gimgs/th-6_hair totem 1.jpg
Endless Colander, 2016

120 x 18 x 18", 2" brass tube, aluminum colander, human hair.

Color Line, 2017

Cooking pots dipped into paint, stainless steel table and back panel. Production Assistance by Mercury Paint, Brooklyn, NY.

http://michaelpribich.com/files/gimgs/th-6_A Mexican In Every Kitchen, red cutting board, stainless steel  low rez.jpg
A Mexican In Every Kitchen, 2012

3/4" plastic cutting boards, stainless steel, 19 x 48 x 12"

Bed, 2017

60 x 36 x 80", Installation at San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, bed frame with Mexican and California flags, brass rod, steel rod

Hood (vertical diptych), 2007

prismacolor, graphite, on cold press watercolor paper
76" x 28" overall

Hood, 2007

cold press watercolor, green prismacolor, graphite
49" x 39"

Green Hood, 2006

graphite, ink, gauche on hot press watercolor paper
17" x 14"

Big Hood (for Karl Appel), 2007

hot press watercolor paper, graphite, red prismacolor
59" x 40"

Hood, 2007

cold press watercolor, red prismacolor, graphite
49" x 39"

Mexican in Every Kitchen, 2007

laser cut synthetic cutting board
36" x 1.5" x 18"

A Mexican In Every Kitchen, 2006

Overall dims vary, Hot - press watercolor paper diptych, graphite
combined dims: 49 1/2" x 75", standing figure with cotton garments, 66"

Hood, 2007

prismacolor, graphite, on cold press watercolor paper
33" x 23"

Apron, 2006

hot press watercolor paper 18”x24”, graphite, cotton apron
Overall dims 50" x 22" x 10"

Cross, 2007

graphite, on hot press watercolor paper
44" x 30"

Hood with Cross, 2007

graphite, prismacolor, hot press paper
44" x 30"

Cross, 2007

graphite, prismacolor on hot press, buff watercolor paper
16" x 14"

Big Hood, 2006

diptych, hot press watercolor paper, graphite, prismacolor
60" x 44"

Hood (chicken in every pot), 2007

hot press watercolor paper, graphite
49" x 39"

Big Hood (for Cobra), 2007

hot press watercolor paper, graphite, red prismacolor
59" x 40"