My Labor Your Culture works are informed by the unrecognized workers in our midst that contribute so much to society. Many are newcomers to this country - usually referred to as immigrant or migrant workers. They often embrace the difficulties of the new setting and develop a motivating force and inspiration to continue.  The works in the show examine the idea of the ongoing eternal presence of the worker to sustain and promote living.
Installation View, Cuchifritos Gallery, NYC 2015

(photograph courtesy of Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space, New York, Samantha Wrigglesworth) Labor Your culture 1.jpg
My Labor Your Culture, 2015

30 x 8 x 17", Laser-cut cutting board, stainless steel. 1.jpg
Certificate, 2012-2015

26 x 48 x 12", $USD bills, wooden frames with 22k gilding, stainless steel Block 1.jpg
Cutting Block for Carlos Llaguno, 2015

24 x 18 x 5", cutting block with cutout, horse hair Ladder 1.jpg
Medicine Ladder, 2015

60 x 16 x 16", Medicine balls with bull-nose stainless steel
Medicine Ladder, 2015

55 x16 x 12", bent steel, medicine balls Mop 1.jpg
Milagro Mop, 2015

72" x 9 x 2", Mop frame with human hair, silver Mexican milagros Mop detail 1.jpg
Milagros (detail)

milagros attached to wood with brass nails Pribich-2.jpg
Endless Work, 2006

21 x 6 x 12, Cotton gloves on steel rod, steel plate Pribich-3_v2.jpg
Endless Work, 2006 Pribich-1_v2.jpg
Snare, 2014

120 x 96 x 60", Installation at Taller Boricua, 2" brass tubing, steel chain, salt blocks, wooden beads
Endless Sweep, 2007

54" x 28 x 28", Brooms with steel rod, chrome chain
House Gallery announcement 2014
Snare, 2015

12 x 16' x 8', Installation at the Bronx Museum, 2" brass tubing, steel chain, human hair, wooden beads, beaded covers, leather support belts